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Hassan Pascha Mosque

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Long Shot

A pedestrian waking home in the evening sun

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Time Square

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Sunset on Tower

Medieval Tower in Italy

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New Neighbors

Cruise ship drops by on a Greek island

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Antartica AntarticaOne of the most beautiful places in the world.

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Glacier National Park, Alaska

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Number 8

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The Dome

Still a very haunting place

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Wash Day

Still the best way to dry cloths in Italy

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Bora Bora

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Italian Scooter Parking

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Window Shopping

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Fanning Island

Paradise Found

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Size Me Up

From "Super Size Me" to this.

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The Church of Our Lady The Church of Our Lady The Church of Our Lady in the style of Monet

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Singapore Condos Singapore CondosSingapore is packed with amazing buildings and these are a typical example of the great architectural designs they have around the city.

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